Ulrich Engineers, Inc.

       civil engineers

                 specializing in geotechnics

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 RepublicBank Center

    56 to 32 stories * 4 Basement levels


    Founded in 1984, Ulrich Engineers has emerged as the leading earthwork and foundation engineering firm in  South Texas with  nearly 100 years of collective experience across three continents.  Ulrich Engineers, Inc. integrates the essential elements of geology, soil mechanics, structural mechanics,  and construction means and methods to satisfy project needs. Often this experience has allowed the Ulrich Team to guide the feasibility, design, and construction of foundations resulting in cost savings several times our fees. 

    Ulrich Engineers, Inc. is uniquely qualified  to guide the design and construction of foundations because the Ulrich Team experience includes design leadership, construction document preparation, construction management, and construction engineering of foundation installation. The Ulrich Team construction engineers instead of construction tests.  Having served as the earthwork and foundation engineers for Houston's modern skyscrapers, Ulrich Engineers continues as an expert in  foundation    design and construction striving to engineer what has not yet been engineered.


    The Ulrich Team is committed to your success.



Ed Ulrich, PE



Civil Engineer Specializing in Geotechnics